Beginner’s Guide to Motorhome Adventures in New Zealand: Tips and Essentials

New Zealand is one of the best locations to visit in the world, with almost 5 million tourists arriving in 2023.

The combination of stunning nature and rich culture makes it a bucket list trip for many people. One of the best ways to see the country is by travelling in a motorhome.

This article is here to provide some great motorhome tips for beginners. Let’s jump into it!

Find the Ideal Motorhome

When embarking on your New Zealand motorhome trip, you need to choose a vehicle that suits your needs.

There are areas of New Zealand which are quite remote. So having a kitchen and bathroom area in your motorhome will be beneficial.

If you are going off the beaten track, then smaller vehicles are easier to manoeuvre. If you are more focused on comfort, then think about buying a campervan with more space and facilities.

Think about what storage options you will need. If you want to do outdoor activities, you might need extra space to store equipment.

Essentials For on the Road

New Zealand has a mild, yet changeable climate. Be mindful of this when packing for your trip.

For clothing, pack lots of layers so you can put on or take off items depending on the temperature. If you love the outdoors, then don’t forget hiking items like boots, rucksacks and rain jackets.

There are lots of gorgeous beaches in New Zealand. So bring your swimwear and snorkelling gear too.

For bedding, again layers are the best option. Have a selection of lighter blankets or sleeping bags. This way you can add more if you get chilly at night.

Planning a Motorhome Travel Route

New Zealand is made up of two islands, North and South. The attraction of New Zealand is the mixture of beautiful nature and the buzzing cities. There is plenty to see on both, so make sure you plan out enough time in each.

Check out the amazing cities of Auckland and Queenstown. Both have so much great architecture, cuisine and cultural activities.

Don’t forget to visit some of the national parks or the geothermal pools in Rotorua. You could also visit the Lord of the Rings film set and be a hobbit for the day!

Understanding the Local Environment

There are lots of protected wildlife and natural areas in New Zealand. So you need to respect the local environment when you travel.

Make sure you always clear up rubbish and dispose of it correctly.

If you see some of the famous wildlife on your travels, watch from afar. Don’t try to interact or disturb the animals, as this can cause changes in their behaviour.

You should also be mindful of the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Māori. Try and learn about their culture and take care when travelling close to their land.

Easy Motorhome Tips for Beginners

New Zealand is an incredible country to see whilst travelling in a motorhome. We hope these motorhome tips for beginners will help you plan the journey of a lifetime.

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