Luxury motorhomes from one of the most modern motorhome factories in Europe.

Carthago Reisemobilbau was founded in 1979 by Karl-Heinz Schuler. The company is managed by the owner, employs about 1500 staff and is one of Europe’s leading premium manufactures of high-quality motorhomes. The marketing slogan is therefore not without reason: Carthago – the motorhome. Their core competence are integrated motorhomes from the Carthago c-compactline to the liner-for-two up to luxury class motorhomes. In 2013, the organisation moved into Carthago-City, the new headquarters in the South German city of Aulendorf with Europe’s most advanced state-of-the-art motorhome production. Carthago is the latest brand to join the ZION family and we are pretty excited to create a new fellowship of motorhome enthusiasts whose hearts beat for Carthago and will spread its name across Aotearoa.

Ask us about Carthago

“I will never forget the day Carthago joined the ZION family. It was a feeling of starting my journey of working with motorhomes over again from the beginning – just that it was that little bit more special. My team was very excited about the possibility to start selling Carthago motorhomes and so am I, every single day I am back at work enabling new owners fulfill their dreams of owning one of these amazing motorhomes. What an outstanding adventure lies ahead – together we will flourish and grow’, reminisces Jonas Ng, CEO

These differences define the brand:

  • Offers vehicle options in the range between 7.6m and 8.5m, exclusively within the European motorhome range
  • Experts in the layout with the rear lounge
  • High-End Luxury product within the range
  • Brand new in the market – be one of the first owners in NZ
  • Earthy interior tones and materials
  • High individuality achievable with different materials, fabrics, exteriors
  • Offers vehicle options up to 9m
  • Mercedes chassis (exclusively front-wheel drive)
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