Always ready for the next adventure – regardless of whether it’s a holiday for two or one with the kids. Life becomes an endless discovery tour with motorhomes made by our valued brand partner Sunlight.

Sunlight is pitched at the adventure lifestyle market – motorhomes that enable our ZION friends to be an adventure nomad, to travel to epic locations to “jump, ride or surf”, and cook together, eat together, and travel together with your favourite crew. ‘Enjoying the moment takes priority over luxury fittings, while emphasis lies on durability, economy, and space – and with the large range of the Sunlight compact models and vans they encourage you to explore remote boulder spots, winding passes, coasts, and off road.

Close the door and off you go: Sunlight motorhomes are the perfect companion for anyone who is eager to find out what lies beyond the horizon. Sunlight motorhomes stand for pure freedom and reveal their true strength off the beaten path: as a base camp for sporty outdoor activities or nature experiences. The adventure does not have to be an ego trip due to the generous layout and broad range of campervans to integrated motorhomes. The most beautiful experiences are the ones we share with others.


Ask us about Sunlight

‘We are so proud to have Sunlight as part of the ZION family says Jonas Ng, CEO. These guys really know what they are doing and surprise us every day with the new innovations that are being released with the new season’s vehicles. An entry-model Luxury German motorhome that is reliable, dependable and just PURE FUN for everyone to enjoy. Sunlight and ZION – a dream combination for delivering on our customers’ expectations. Here pictured are Uwe and Volker, our trusted and supportive contacts at Sunlight in Germany where this picture was taken near their premises in Leutkirch in JUN’22.

These differences define the brand:

  • Quality entry-level Luxury German motorhome
  • For the active family
  • All the goodness of the high-quality German brand without the price-tag
  • Focus on the most in demand layouts and improving them overtime
  • Experts in Price to Value ratio
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