Living area
“Smartline plus” furniture design

two words of style

epic world of style
casablanca world of style*
Swivel-out shoe cabinet with holding system for up to 4 pairs of shoes integrated into the plinth of the seat bench
Large L-shaped lounge seating area with side seat bench in Rome world of living (I 143 LE)
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TV pull-out system in overhead storage cabinet above seating area (I 141 LE, I 143 LE)*

Elegantly integrated designer TV cabinet, including 32" LED flat screen (I 143 LE)*



Space-saving galley kitchen (T 143 LE)

Capsule coffee maker with pull-out system in overhead storage cabinet*

Corner kitchen with large work surface (T 148 LE)

Six large drawers with separate waste bin in separate hygiene area (model-dependent)

Comfort corner kitchen with curved, extra large worktop and integrated bottle cabinet (T 149 LE, T 150 QB)

Use of the sink cover via the wall holder with chopping board function


Combined washroom: Washroom / toilet area with separate round shower (T 143 LE, T 148 LE, T 148 LE H)

Private changing area thanks to washroom door

Changing room with room partitioning (T 149 LE)

Comfort luxury washroom with changing room separable (T 149 LE, T 150 QB)

Sleeping area
Large lengthways single beds with raisable head section and access steps (T 148 LE, T 149 LE, T 143 LE)
Queen-size bed with extra large sleeping area and raisable head section. There are wardrobes to the left and right of queen-size bed (T 150 QB)
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Large drawer in the front of the queen-size bed

Wardrobes beneath the lengthways single beds with lift function

Fold-away mattress section at passenger side for extra-wide passage

Standard white Fiat Ducato
Standard white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Worlds of living

Very high quality Antara / fabric combination:
Antara with highly effective “Teflon Repel” stain protection, contrasting fabric with dirt-repellent stain protection

Barcelona (23)

Very high quality textile leather / fabric combination:
extremely hard-wearing textile leather in soft Nappa quality, contrasting fabric with dirt-repellent stain protection


Very high quality leather / fabric combination:
leather with outstanding quality, contrasting fabric with dirt-repellent stain protection

Ivory part leather
Macchiato part leather (23)

Very high quality leather finish:
classy combination of leather with outstanding quality

Ivory leather
Sand leather
Macchiato leather

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