Coachbuilt motorhomes of the premium class

Semi-integrated motorhomes: dynamic and comfortable
You dream of spontaneously going to the mountains for the weekend or enjoying the sun at the seaside for a longer period of time?

Then the semi-integrated motorhomes from Carthago are just right for you. They are the coupés among the motorhomes – flat, sleek and dynamic. The slim driver’s cabin conveys a feeling of security and lends mobile travel handiness. The flat profile of the roof connection optimises aerodynamics and gives semi-integrated vehicles a touch of sportiness. An attractive side aspect: due to the original cab of their base vehicle, semi-integrated motorhomes are always a little cheaper than those on manoeuvrable integrated models. The T-models are therefore the entry into the world of Carthago motorhomes.

The sophisticated all-rounder: Lightweight models with short vehicle lengths for the requirements of the 3.5 t weight class and comfort models with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t

The fascination of the Carthago premium class: elegance, comfort and extravagance.

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