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Founded in 1960, FRANKIA is a long-established German motorhome manufacturer that has been setting standards in the industry for the past 60 years. Lifestyle, innovation, and excellent quality made in Germany are an integral part of what FRANKIA is keen to deliver on.

FRANKIA aims to always think ahead: Dedication and highly skilled employees put their hearts and efforts into every FRANKIA motorhome to make holidays with your FRANKIA motorhome even more relaxing, more enjoyable and more comfortable. Constant change from customer ideas and feedback from their dealers improves production every single day. This means the business will be always on the pulse of the customer needs. Plus FRANKIA focuses on developing the right solutions to ensure that everyone driving a FRANKIA can enjoy the highest degree of self-sufficiency, even more storage space and superior living comfort.

“Buying a motorhome is a deeply personal journey for everyone and FRANKIA’s model portfolio is supporting customer individualism in so many special ways. Whether it is the chassis choice, rear-wheel drive preference, the length of the vehicle, the interior designs or high quality fabrics. It amazes me to which level the business can supply these taylor-made dream motorhomes to our customer and us, making it easy for us to exceed customer expectations. We are very happy that the community of FRANKIA owners across NZ is continuously growing and that we have such an active owners club that helps bring people with the same interest together’ says Jonas Ng (CEO

These differences define the brand:

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