What Are the Most Popular Motorhomes?

From Carthago’s high-end luxury features like underfloor heating to Dethleffs’ commitment to safety and family-friendly layouts – there’s a motorhome out there for every traveller. Read on as we explore the most popular motorhomes available in New Zealand today.

We’ll guide you through standout models with guaranteed owner satisfaction awards, unpack their unique selling points, and discuss how they can transform your travel experiences. Whether it’s island beds or gourmet kitchens, these homes on wheels are designed to make life on the move as comfortable as it is adventurous.

Exploring the Luxury and Comfort of Carthago Motorhomes

When you step into a Carthago motorhome, it’s clear that this isn’t just any rolling home; it’s a statement of premium travel. Since 1979, Carthago has carved out its niche as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers with facilities like no other at Carthago-City in Upper Swabian Aulendorf, where high-end luxury features are not optional but standard.

Carthago Integrated Motorhomes

Experience the fascination of Carthago Premium-Integrates motorhomes, known for their impressive design and outstanding craftsmanship. These motorhomes offer exceptional visibility of the surroundings while on the road and provide a spacious and luxurious living area upon arrival. With a seamlessly integrated driver’s cabin, the living space is thoughtfully designed for comfort, convenience, and storage space. 

Whether you’re relaxing in front of the TV, preparing meals in the well-equipped kitchen, or enjoying the separable changing room, the generous space adds a touch of luxury to your journey. At night, choose from the conveniently accessible fold-down bed above the front seats or the rear beds with extra-large dimensions and superior comfort. Embark on a remarkable motorhome adventure with Carthago and discover a whole new level of quality and enjoyment.

Carthago Coach-Built Motorhomes

If you’re looking for a motorhome that combines sleekness and agility, then the semi-integrated motorhomes from Carthago are perfect for you. Aptly known as the coupés among motorhomes, these vehicles boast a flat and dynamic design. The slim driver’s cabin not only instils a sense of security but also adds a level of practicality to your mobile travels. 

The streamlined roof connection enhances aerodynamics and adds a touch of sportiness to the semi-integrated motorhomes. Another appealing feature is affordability – due to the use of the original cab from the base vehicle, semi-integrated motorhomes are typically a bit cheaper than their manoeuvrable integrated counterparts. The T-models serve as the entry point into the world of Carthago motorhomes, making them one of the most popular motorhomes for those on a lower budget. Offering an attractive option for those who seek both style and affordability, these T-models affordability and owner satisfaction like no other.

Dethleffs Motorhomes – German Engineering for Family Adventures

When it comes to rolling homes that blend safety with comfort, Dethleffs motorhomes are the gold standard. Crafted with German precision, these family-friendly marvels make every journey a secure and enjoyable experience.

Prioritizing Safety on Every Journey

The peace of mind provided by Dethleff’s dedication to safety is unmatched in the motorhome market. They’ve set the bar high with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) as a standard feature, ensuring your travels are not just comfortable but exceptionally controlled even when Mother Nature throws you a curveball. Discover how electronic stabilising systems ensure control during your travels with Dethleffs.

Beyond stability, their focus extends into every detail—cold foam mattresses resting on ergonomic sprung bases promise a restful night’s sleep after an adventure-packed day. It’s this meticulous approach to both active travel features and passive comforts that underlines why families trust their adventures to Dethleffs’ engineering excellence.

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