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Rethink everything you knew about Dethleffs and let the Just GO model range inspire your senses to experience a journey of comfort, space and joy. The brandnew Ford chassis options do not only come with a bold new interior design, but also with exciting layouts unknown to the seasoned Dethleffs enthusiast. Matching the current design trends, these vehicle option fit so perfectly well into the portfolio that it is hard ro imagine they were not part of the Dethleffs model palette before. Open your eyes, hearts and senses and explore - then JUST GO!


The TREND range is ideal for seasoned motorhomers as well as for newbies. These models makes heads turn with their spotless workmanship, perfect quality and many features that can hardly be described as standard. This includes for example the rot-proof Lifetime Smart conversion construction. The TREND is the most popular model range and it is now presented in a fresher, more harmonious look with many clever details. For maximum flexibility there is a wide selection of sleeping option available. The Low Profile models can also be equipped with a drop-down bed (optionally), the A Class models will come with this feature as standard. For those who prefers a little bir of individuality, the Dethleffs' Design package will be a must-have extra.


Design that will speed up your PULSE. You'll be won over by the Pulse in no time. Harmonious, clear and tasteful ambience, lights and lines, generated by a centre of balance and enhancements built in the heart of the factory. Harmony made by Dethleffs – your pulse.


With a length of just under six metres and a width of 2.20 metres, the GLOBEBUS is the most compact and manoeuvrable motorhome series made by Dethleffs. Featuring the handling of a van and the comfort of a large motorhome, it is a perfect companion for active motorhome owners as well as city slickers – whether as a low profile or as an A Class.

PULSE Classic T90

To mark the 90th anniversary of the invention of the first caravan in Germany, the Pulse Classic will be continued as the low profile special model series Pulse Classic 90 with four layouts - two Queen bed and Single/King bed options to choose from. The striking exterior design with the rounded recessed upper rear end and aerodynamic front of the T90, the homogeneous furniture architecture, the extraordinary lighting concept and all other components that make the PULSE so incomparable of course remain. The anniversary series comes with many extras already part of the standard equipment: which includes everything that is needed for a carefree, independent and extremely comfortable motorhome holiday. As optional extras, various driver assistance systems or components for winter camping can be selected. Lovers of classic designs will feel particularly comfortable in the Pulse Classic 90. The light nut brown of the furniture fronts combined with the floor in a tasteful stone look and its own matching Cosmopolitan upholstery, embodies the more timeless, somewhat dignified version of the conventional PULSE I, just solely in a low-profile version.


The Esprit always combined modern design with top-class comfort. Thanks to its new, loadable double floor, which is over 26 cm high, it not only offers plenty of storage space, but increased its performance during the colder months of the year considerably. The new Esprit adopts the graceful, clear and flowing lines of Dethleffs' brand designs, which is especially reflected in the aerodynamic front and the slightly rounded rear shape of the integrated models.


The revival of the Kiwiana Dream catapulted into the 21 century - the all-comfort rear lounge returns in the Dethleffs ALPA. The most generous amount of space will let you forget that you are not in a holiday apartment, but in an outstanding motorhome with great atmosphere and comfort. Choose between the luxury A-Class, or the traditional Alkhoven model.


The XLI is once again presenting itself as a true pioneer for design and funcionality within the Dethleffs' range. With clear lines, a narrow rear light strip and a dynamic diffuser on the lower edge and the completely redesigned rear end that borrows ideas from contemporary automotive design. The XLI also features handle-free storage space and rear garage flaps with push-to-open functionality. Dethleffs developed ingenious internal hinges to make these new features possible.


The largest motorhome in the Dethleffs range, with its length of 8.86 metres, is nothing short of exceptional. The use of high quality equipment throughout makes it an extreme winterproof and rot-proof conversion that allows generous freedom of movement, a spacious bathroom and a professional kitchen, offering everything that experienced motorhome owners expect even for daily use of their pride and joy.

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