Niesmann and Bischoff

Niesmann and Bischoff

Making caravans since 1955 and motorhomes since 1981, Niesmann and Bischoff is a luxury German motorhome manufacturer with the goal to “keep on creating surprisingly clever features for lovers of luxury motorhomes” A perfect fit for ZION’s portfolio. Attention to detail is paramount, and the team of architects, engineers, craftsman and installers are all committed to manufacturing motorhomes to the highest quality standards. Everything, from the finishes, to the upholstery fabrics are selected for their durability as well as their appearance, and are installed with absolute expertise and precision.

“For me Niesmann + Bischoff adds that special ‘touch of class’ to ZION’s portfolio of motorhomes. A level of design, attention to detail and facination for the unknown that only Niesmann + Bischoff can deliver on. The slogan ‘Clou inside’ describes well how surprising the features of a Niesmann + Bischoff motorhome can be for every new owner of such an amazing vehicle’, says Jonas Ng (CEO)

These differences define the brand:

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