This time last year we looked into having full air suspension fitted to our Dethleffs Esprit.
After contacting Jonas at Zion motor homes and also looking at several other options we decided to go ahead with a full air suspension from Goldschmitt.
After a delay due to COVID we had this fitted by Zion motorhome in May 2020.
All LT400 certification was also arranged by them.
We can say we are very happy, both with the professional service by Zion and the improvement it has made to our vehicle.
It is a more comfortable ride, the auto leveling is great and now it is easy to get into our driveway as we can now raise the vehicle and that makes a big difference as we no longer have to drive in at an angle to stop scraping the muffler.
It also is great when dumping the grey water as we raise the vehicle and lower it towards the dump station side and this makes it drain a lot faster.

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